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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Photographer for You

After the last dance has been danced, the garter has been tossed, and all your guests have gone home all you have left from this incredibly important day are the memories.

There are details of this day that may escape you years down the line.

The right photographer (Essence Photography) can provide you with a product that will preserve these memories forever. Your parents, family, friends, children, and their children will look at these photographs and vicariously experience the best day of your life.

At Essence Photography we understand how important this day is for you. Preserving these memories for you is a service we take very seriously. We are honored to document the happiest day of your life and guarantee the highest quality product.

We all know uncle Frank has a nice camera, but he is not a wedding professional and he sure would like to enjoy your wedding as well. Our wedding photographers are experienced, artistic, professional, and friendly. They are highly trained and well versed in their craft, providing results that uncle Frank just can't.

So how exactly does one go about finding their perfect wedding photographer?


What do their photos look like? Do you like their style of photography? Are you looking for highly stylized, posed photography or a journalistic, candid type of look for your wedding album?


You want a photographer who knows what they're doing. This day will fly by, having a professional that can help guide the day smoothly is a huge advantage and relief. Many times the bridal party looks to the photographer for directions, this person must be confident and skilled.


What is their personality like? Are you looking for someone that will be friendly and make your guests smile or someone who is all business?

Price Range

What is your budget for wedding photography? Prices vary in this field, and can be quite high. What you must realize that the $10,000 wedding photographer is not always better than the one who is charging $1,500.

At Essence Photography we are honored to provide our clients with an outstanding service. We work closely with our clients to custom tailor their package to provide them with exactly what they desire.

Make the right choice, choose Essence Photography.

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